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Now Play This was an event about games and play. It took place in the New Wing at Somerset House in London, 4-6 September 2015. We’re currently working on plans for a second event in April 2016.

We had an exhibition, talks, workshops, alternative input demos, treasure hunts outside, sculpture, interactive theatre and Alabama Cornhole .  We were also able to commission a couple of pieces of work specifically for the event, including a playful sculpture Amorphous: the Paper Series, and Digital Exploration piece OASES – from French games collective Klondike.

We also held two evenings of talks during the event, including the topic of ‘Games and Poetry’  and ‘Games and Intimacy’.  We also produced a zine – exploring games for an uncertain world.

I managed overall production for the event, including artist communication and on the day logistics.  I worked with curator Holly Gramazio (Matheson Marcault), digital curator: George Buckenham, print, design and production: Sophie Sampson (Matheson Marcault). Custom controllers: Louis Roots (

We also had a lovely write up on Ready Up:

Now Play This was a fascinating look at the limits of gaming and the space where technology, art and theory collide. Rather than a dry art installation it managed to capture the power games can have in the world and express their increasingly important role in human culture.”

Event website :

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